Toys R Us, you're breaking my heart...

Yes, it’s happening, Toy R Us is closing :(



Maybe it’s because I’m a Xennial but this hits especially hard. My youth was filled with the wonder of a possible Toys R Us visit. The magic and anticipation comes second only to Christmas. I can’t fathom my children won’t experience this. So many possibilities when you walk in the door.





Also, what bribe is better than “if you’re good I'll take you to Toys R Us!” How will I parent???  Who didn’t want to be a Toys R Us kid??  I had to capture my daughter... and possible future husband ;-), running through Toys R Us, for what might be the last time. Such a sad thought. :( 
The internet is robbing our youth of its innocence and now this! How do you know the best bike if you dont hop on and pretend your in a race or the best excavator if you don’t “kick the tires” first :(





It’s even a great place for young love and first dates 💕 We will miss you Toys R Us ;-(



 See more fun pictures from our farewell trip to Toys R Us  below. 













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Toys R Us, you're breaking my heart...

March 17, 2018

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