Family Portraits & Self Esteem

Family Portraits 


The importance of Family Portraits.


Being a Family Therapist before I was a Family Photographer I have always loved the connection in families. While before I searched to mend the connection I now look to highlight and capture it. It makes my heart sing to see those little moments. The ones between the posing. I read an article years ago about how displaying family photos actually boosts your child’s self esteem and I never forgot that. See Mom, scheduling those family Holiday photos your family loves so much is actually for their well being!!! :)


The article high lighted how displaying photos of a family as whole family unit gives children a sense of safety, protection and comfort in their home. It shows the uniqueness of their family and gives them a sense of belonging.   It is a tangible example of the love in the family. It is also important to have photos printed where they can be viewed often and not necessarily on a tablet or computer where they would need to be searched for.   I have added a link to the article if you would like to read more and I found it really interesting.  Family Portraits can boost your child's self esteem

It also highlights the topic of my next Blog, “The Importance of EXISTING in Photos” 


In our family we have photos everywhere (Ha, like they would have a choice!) and I also make lots of photo albums. Especially for my daughter who LOVES looking through the albums. I make them just for her to keep in her room and also family albums every year to highlight all the fun things we do together. She is only 3 so she may not remember all that we do but she will have the photos to see how loved she was/is from day 1. There are so many apps out there that make it really easy to create albums right from your phone so you don't have to spend hours uploading photos. Or you can let your favorite photog do all the work for you! ;-)   I will link some of my fave apps as well. 

TreeRing BabyBooks, FreePrints PhotoBooks   


The photos you display don't need to be professional photos they just need to show the LOVE!!




Thank you Jessica Elbar Photography, Tiny Hearts Photography and Miriam Dubinsky for allowing me to #existinphotos  I treasure these images!!




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